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How I can help you and your pets!


Whether your dog needs a midday walk or a good dose of playtime, I will come to your house and provide them with the love and attention they need. If you are away at work all day, or just unable to give your best friend the exercise they crave, I can help!

Your dog will greatly appreciate a break during your long workday. Not only will they be able to relieve themselves, but they'll get fresh air, companionship, and exercise! You will have the peace of mind that not only is your pup having a great day, but that your home is being looked in on, too. 


I am a kitty cat expert! I have had cats my entire life and have had a connection with every cat I've ever met. I instinctively know what kind of attention cats want, whether they want to play, snuggle, or be aloof while I am there for them. If you are away for a day or a week, I will make sure they are happy while you are gone. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are away for more than one day, I have a firm, at least once daily visit minimum for cats. Due to their delicate biology, it is very important they are checked on every day!


I would love to come meet you and your pets, in your home, for a complimentary consultation! My fees depend on your situation and location, and I would love to assess your needs to determine a rate that works for both of us. A basic, one pet, 30 minute visit is usually $18, but with multiple pets or special needs, the price may be higher. 

There is a short list of people that I trust with my animals! I hope to be on that short list for you. I am a member of Pet Sitters International, which provides ongoing education and support. I am also insured and bonded for both your protection and mine. I am Pet CPR and First Aid trained.

Call or email me to set up a time to meet! 
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Cats are my specialty! We always find each other!